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Garvee Pallet Forks to Move Heavy Equipment

Garvee Pallet Forks to Move Heavy Equipment
If you have a large farm where you grow vegetables and other varieties of plants and also have some farm animals running around, you know there are a lot of raw materials required to run the farm. You have tasks like stacking hay bales, moving large cases of manure to the plantations, move the harvest to your storage, etc. Instead of manually lifting these weights you can simply attach a pallet fork to your tractor and move items around your farm easily.

GARVEE Pallet Forks

What Are Pallet Forks?

Pallet forks are a type of attachment commonly used with heavy equipment such as forklifts, skid steers, and tractors. They are designed to easily attach to the equipment's lifting arms or hydraulic systems and allow for the safe and efficient movement of heavy palletized loads.


Pallet forks consist of two or more long, sturdy metal prongs that are evenly spaced and attached to a horizontal frame. This frame is then attached to the equipment's lifting arms, allowing the operator to easily lift and move heavy loads with precision and control.


The prongs of pallet forks are usually adjustable in width, allowing them to accommodate different sizes of pallets and loads. They are also often designed with safety features such as locking mechanisms that ensure the load remains secure during transport.


Pallet forks are commonly used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and warehousing. They can be used to move everything from bags of cement and construction materials to crates of produce and heavy machinery.


If you are looking for a pallet fork for your farm or your warehouse, we bring you the Garvee pallet fork.


Garvee Pallet Fork

Pallet fork from Garvee is a sturdy and durable instrument made of coated welded steel. Steel is a durable metal known for its strength and flexibility. It is a 60 inch fork compatible with most loader bucket skid steer tractor attachments.


It has a heavy duty thick rectangular tube wall and roll back protection slots to keep your objects safe and secure on the fork. It is also equipped with chain holes to ensure secure lifting.


It is an easy to install instrument. Simply slide the fork over the cutting edge of the skid steer bucket, and clamp it down to lock. It is extremely sturdy and firm and has zero chances of falling off from the skid steer bucket. The Garvee pallet fork can haul logs, lumber, and firewood, move fence posts, hay bales, and clear debris and brush piles.


Garvee has five varieties of pallet forks featuring different dimensions:


 GARVEE Pallet Forks

You can select one according to your lifting needs by having look at the dimension and the maximum weight the fork can lift.


Uses of Pallet Forks

Here are some common uses of pallets forks:


  • Material handling: Pallet forks are most commonly used for material handling. They are ideal for moving palletized loads of various materials, such as lumber, concrete blocks, bags of cement, and other building materials. They can also be used to transport large bags of feed or fertilizer in agricultural settings. In manufacturing and warehousing, pallet forks are used to move pallets of products and supplies, allowing for efficient loading and unloading of materials.
  • Construction: Pallet forks are also useful in construction settings. They can be used to transport heavy building materials, such as steel beams, roofing materials, and large bags of concrete. Pallet forks are also used to move heavy machinery, such as excavators and bulldozers, to different job sites.
  • Landscaping: Pallet forks are helpful in landscaping settings, where they can be used to move heavy landscaping materials such as pavers, mulch, and large plants. They can also be used to transport tree stumps and other debris.
  • Agriculture: Pallet forks are widely used in agriculture for a variety of purposes. They can be used to transport hay bales and bags of feed, as well as heavy agricultural equipment such as plows and cultivators. Pallet forks are also used to move livestock feeders, water troughs, and other farm equipment.
  • Waste management: Pallet forks are used in waste management to move dumpsters and other large waste containers. They are also used to move waste materials such as scrap metal, plastic, and paper.
  • Emergency response: Pallet forks are useful in emergency response situations. For example, they can be used to remove debris and other obstacles following a natural disaster. They can also be used to transport emergency supplies and equipment.
  • Mining: In mining settings, pallet forks are used to transport large rocks and minerals from the mines to processing areas. They can also be used to transport heavy mining equipment and machinery.
  • Forestry: Pallet forks are also used in the forestry industry to move logs, tree stumps, and other forestry materials.
  • Oil and gas: Pallet forks are used in the oil and gas industry to move heavy equipment and supplies such as pipes, tanks, and drilling rigs.


Things to consider when buying a pallet fork

There are several factors to consider before buying a pallet fork:


  • Compatibility: Ensure that the pallet fork you are purchasing is compatible with your equipment, such as your loader or skid steer.
  • Weight capacity: Consider the weight capacity of the pallet fork to ensure it can handle the weight of the materials you will be lifting.
  • Fork length: Consider the length of the forks to ensure they are long enough to handle the size and shape of the materials you will be lifting.
  • Fork thickness: Consider the thickness of the forks to ensure they are strong enough to handle the weight of the materials you will be lifting.
  • Attachment method: Consider the attachment method of the pallet fork to ensure it is easy to attach and detach from your equipment.
  • Construction material: Consider the construction material of the pallet fork, whether it is made of steel or aluminum, to ensure it is durable and long-lasting.
  • Price: Consider the price of the pallet fork to ensure it fits within your budget while also meeting your needs for compatibility, weight capacity, fork length, and construction quality.
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