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Getting to Know GARVEE

Welcome to Garvee.com — your go-to source for premium automotive parts. With a focus on tires, jacks, diesel heaters, and fuel caddies, we leverage our extensive warehouse network across the United States to ensure fast and efficient delivery. Our mission is simple: to provide top-quality products with unmatched speed, making us the rising star in the online automotive retail space. Join us at Garvee, where every part sparks your vehicle's potential.

GARVEE's Value Proposition

With an expert product team, robust supply chain resources in China, and extensive warehouse facilities across the United States, GARVEE is dedicated to offering professional, high-quality products at exceptional value. We ensure rapid service delivery and reliable after-sales support. Attuned to the evolving market demands, GARVEE is constantly enhancing its product portfolio to give clients a broad selection and a seamless, one-stop purchasing experience.

The GARVEE Story

At GARVEE, we take immense pride in offering reliable, industry-vetted products sourced from the finest manufacturers. Every item in the GARVEE lineup has been meticulously researched, discussed, tested, refined, and optimized. This rigorous procedure is conducted by our seasoned product managers, quality testers, and engineers long before these products are introduced to the market.

Through diligent business practices, we have established partnerships with over reliable suppliers, guaranteeing access to premium products at the fairest prices. This ensures an optimal environment for your business to thrive.

GARVEE is deeply invested in enhancing your shopping experience. Consequently, our platform design ensures that all product models are easily searchable. We've also given due consideration to your delivery experience. Adherence to a strict code of business ethics is fundamental to us. Transparency is a cornerstone of our values; hence, we disclose the recommended minimum retail price for every product, underscoring our dedication to this ethos.

At GARVEE, gender equality extends beyond mere words. Our team is diverse, featuring talents from around the world. As of January 2023, women constitute 56% of our workforce. We remain vigilant and proactive in fostering workplace equality, continuously aligning our corporate practices with this objective.

We endorse the progression towards healthier workplace cultures. This is exemplified by the joyful and laid-back ambiance of our offices. The light-heartedness and humor we cultivate within our team are also reflected in the engaging and entertaining way we interact online.

The GARVEE Vision

GARVEE will consistently produce time-tested and industry-recognized products from the best manufacturers for every vehicle owner.

The GARVEE Mission

Over the next five years, our goal is to become the most rapidly expanding online retailer for automotive parts.

GARVEE Company Info

Company Address:

Shenzhen Office:

601, 6th Floor, Building 5, Yunli Intelligent Park, No. 5 Changfa Middle Road, Yangmei Community, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China
Postal Code: 518129

HongKong Office:


Support Email: support@garvee.com
Customer Phone Service: +1 888 891 2855
Company Phone: +86 133 5649 8802