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Are you looking for sturdy and durable Building Supplies and Tools? Being in the construction industry you know that all your equipment is subject to a lot of wear and tear. We bring you the finest quality products for building and construction for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts who are decorating or renovating their homes.

For instance our Electric Rebar Benders are the best in the market. They are budget friendly and have value added features that can speed up all the rebar bending tasks for construction. We have a hydraulic bender sporting a hydraulic-powered piston for added power and faster bending of bars.

Want to compress the soil and gravel before you build you foundation? Garvee plate compactor can ensure rapid and thorough compaction of various surfaces. It can be used for a range of construction and landscaping applications as it guarantees a well compacted surface. 

We can also provide you an exceptional Bull Float that can give a final surfacing to concrete. Our aluminum bull float boasts a unique rounded head design to ensure smooth cement surfaces without buckling or rolling. The long handles fitted on the bull float is designed to ease the resurfacing of the concrete. 

We also have other products including Aluminum Coated Balusters, Bucket Tooth Bars, Stair Handrails, etc., designed for construction and building applications. All these products are top notch and can be delivered to your doorstep with express shipping. Our handrails and balusters can be installed easily cutting down the total construction time. 

Garvee products are manufactured with the utmost care to deliver best quality product for our customers that will fit all requirements. We make sure that our products can facilitate all construction tasks smoothly and efficiently. We also guarantee the durability of our products so you don’t have face regular repair tasks.