GARVEE 12V Electric Go Kart: 7Ah Battery, High/Low Speeds, for Ages 3-6

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  • 12V battery-powered go kart
  • Adjustable seat for growing kids
  • High/low speeds for different ages
  • Durable EVA wheels for stability
  • Perfect outdoor ride-on toy

GARVEE 12V Electric Go Kart: 7Ah Battery, High/Low Speeds, for Ages 3-6

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electric go cart for kid

Powered by Rechargeable 12V Batteries that Let Your Kids Enjoy the Fun of Riding.

Overall Size : 39.4"L * 23"W * 23"H

Recommend Weight Capacity : 60 pounds.

High/Low Speeds Switch

Forward/Backward Switch

12V 7AH Battery+35W*1 Motor

Adjustable seat length meets the growth of the toddlers

Four EVA Wheels

electric go cart for kid

Electric Go Kart

Electric Go Kart

Electric Go Kart

Real Pedal Control

This ride-on toy features a real pedal system that allows children aged 3 and above to intuitively control the forward motion and stopping of the vehicle. The straightforward pedal operation makes it easy for young users to maneuver the toy with confidence, enabling safe and enjoyable playtime.


Steering Wheel Control

The combination of a functional pedal system and a responsive steering wheel provides children with a true driving experience. This realistic integration of acceleration and directional control allows young users to feel like real-life racers, immersing them in an exciting and engaging playtime experience.


One Button Start

This ride-on toy offers two selectable speed settings, allowing parents to adjust the maximum speed to suit the age and skill level of their little ones. With a thrilling top speed of 2.8 mph, children can enjoy the racing feel while maintaining a safe and controlled driving experience.

Electric Go Kart

Electric Go Kart

Electric Go Kart

Drift-Worthy Suspension

This ride-on toy's tire damping system transforms it into the ultimate drifting machine for younger kids. The advanced suspension technology enables smooth cornering and controlled sliding, allowing children to experience the thrill of drifting and explore their driving skills in a safe and entertaining way.


Secure Riding Experience

This ride-on toy comes equipped with a safety belt that ensures the enjoyment and well-being of your kids while they are riding. The inclusion of this essential safety feature provides parents with peace of mind, allowing their children to have fun and explore the toy's capabilities without compromising their safety.


EVA Wheels

The ride-on toy features EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) wheels that are designed to adapt to a variety of outdoor ground surfaces. This versatile wheel construction allows children to venture beyond smooth indoor floors and explore different terrains, expanding the range of play possibilities and enhancing the overall outdoor adventure experience.

  • Electric Go Kart for Kids
  • Speed: 1.55-2.8 MPH
  • Safety Belt, ASTM & CPSIA Certified
  • Easy One Button Start
  • EVA Wheels, 12V Battery, 60lbs Max Load


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
We love it!

I bought one of these for my grandkids ages 8 and 6 and they LOVE it! It was easy to assemble (except for the steering wheel attach screw location!) and is fairly sturdy despite it's fairly basic steering system and so far after probably eight hours of use we are happy. Time will tell as to how it holds up but so far so good. My only complaint is the battery life as they run it at full speed for 35-40 mins and time to recharge but so be it. My only assembly design improvement would be to suggest a better attach point for the front cowl over the steering column as the snap-in plastic tabs are too easily kicked when driving so I would suggest adding screws at the lower attach point. Otherwise, we love it and plan on buying another one...pink this time!

Heather B.
Almost 4 years old and still going strong!

This go-kart has been used so much between our kids and the kids in our loop. Charge still holds well. Frame is still perfect, with exception to minor wear and tear, which is to be expected with how crazy all the kids are with it.We are now looking for a way to get rubber on the tires or replacing tires as our street just got paved the cheap way e??? Therefore, I wouldn't recommend if you don't have smooth roads. Also, just keeping it on the sidewalk/grass works still too, but the drifting is the BEST part!

K. Aut
Great Customer service.

Product was shipped missing the a??hubcapsa??. Called the seller and they shipped the parts free of charge to my door in less than 48 hours. Product is as advertised but anted to give the team kudos for great response and service. Thank you.

This is an amazing gift.

I got this for my grandsons and they loooove it. The battery needs charging every 2 hrs which is fine because they would never get off of it if they didn't have to charge it. My 10 year old put it together with me. Was missing one screw but we found one at home. It's fast loud and fun. Radio flyer does it again. We love it and being a grandma all I do is sit and watch them have fun.

Our kids love this

We got this for our daughters birthday and she loves it. The neighbor kids also love riding with her. We charge it for 8 hours and it's ready to ride all day.


This is amazing! My son absolutely loves his go cart.

T. Gaston
All the neighborhood kids ride it!

We bought this for my sona??s 5th birthday and he loves it, along with his 8yr old sister and 11yr old brother! I have even got for a spin on it a few times (40yrs old) and love it! It charges well, is fast and drifts!! Great buy!!!

Be The Worlda??s Greatest Granddad!

This was perfect for a 5 year old grandson. It was worth every penny.

Shawna Scheinerman
This may be the best gift I've ever given my grandson.

I ordered this for my 5-year-old grandson. He loves it. His friends love it. His 2-year-old brother loves it. It was an unqualified hit. My only caveat is that I never could have put it together by myself. Thank goodness I have a handy husband.

Ashley Keenoy
Vereh, vereh, NOICE

I got this for my son to play around it in our yard. The wheels are hard plastic, so I wouldn't recommend for street use cause they will wear pretty fast if you are grinding them on concrete. It was easy to put together, I did it in like an hour. It can fit 2 kiddos easily and you can adjust it for speed so they cant act too crazy. Obviously talk to them about safety and make it very apparent that bs can happen if they act stupid in it. Otherwise they will have a great time. Enjoy :)